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How Important is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing is nothing new, per se, but it’s a lively topic of hot conversation. Approximately 7 in 10 Canadian adults use social media, and many of those adults have numerous social media accounts. They aren’t just using it to peruse the lives of family and friends, but are also utilizing their social media accounts for shopping, expressions of creativity, product utilization, and other means outside of the original intents of those platforms.

So, what does this mean for brands? Well, if you are a brand and you’re not on social media, you could be missing out on increasing your customer base and driving your business forward on a global scale, as some platforms of social media are available almost everywhere worldwide. That’s open to a lot of people!

Why not take advantage of such a powerful tool? This article goes into why you really need to jump on board with promoting your brand to millions of eyes every day in one of the most popular ways consumers are spending their waking hours. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons your brand needs to utilize social media marketing!

  • Brand Awareness. One of the most obvious benefits of utilizing social media for marketing is promoting brand awareness. Think about it - if your target audience member has 7 social media accounts each, and you are on 4 of those, you are potentially reaching that audience 4 times more frequently than relying on emailing alone. The more frequently they see your brand, the more likely they are to flock towards your business when searching for products or services to fulfill a need. Plus, potential consumers may choose to “follow” or “like” your brand on social media. This can mean they’re more receptive to your messaging socially, instead of solely receiving emails, which can start to feel overwhelming (since emails can be associated with tasks that need addressing). Utilize social media marketing to get your brand out there in a productive manner!

  • Understand your Audience. Since social media prompts interactions with your audience, such as garnering reactions, or promoting shared material, this can indeed help your brand understand your audience. Which material is getting the most reaction? How are users interacting? This feedback is essential for gaining metrics that can help you shape future marketing material and continue to drive your brand forward by helping you to understand what it is your customer base is becoming excited by. And, excited customers are the ones who keep coming back for more, and advertise to their friends and family on why they love your products and services.

  • Drive Site Traffic. Social media marketing can be a great tool for bringing customers back to your site. You know your customers will be exploring social media, many on a daily basis, so why not take advantage of this by going to the spot you know your customers will be and help direct them to where you need them to go? This type of virtual persuasion is key to increasing sales, as once on your site, they may be more likely to purchase your products. Interesting, attention grabbing article links or blog posts are one way to lure them back to your site. Also, sale and discount promotions are a great way to not only influence purchasing, but everyone loves sharing a good online sale!

  • Product Promotions. It is also not uncommon to promote products on social media. Teaser posts regarding new products or services leading up to a big release can be crucial to gauging interest and generating buzz around your brand. Using posts to consistently show your products with professional imagery can help keep those products in the forefront of consumer minds when it comes to making a decision on purchases. Including a sense of urgency around how quickly the product should be purchased can also promote your brand, as it taps into the “fear of missing out”. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to enjoying a product or service that they may feel others would love to have, as well!

  • Promote your Public Image. Although products and services are a huge part of social media marketing, it can also be utilized to promote the brand’s public image in a positive light. Did a group of employees take a few hours off of work to volunteer for a local service organization? Was there a donation box overflowing with canned goods for the food pantry? Do you feel inclined to express an emotion regarding a social justice issue that you feel your brand should stand behind? All of these and more are frequent reasons brands choose to show that they are not just a company with a bank account, but that they are a living, breathing entity with real people that care for others, just like their consumers. Customers want to know that they support good deeds with the dollars they spend, and promoting a positive public image puts a “face” on the company. And when customers feel good about how they spend, they’re more likely to continue that spending.

Ultimately, there are many more reasons you should utilize social media marketing, but understandably, it can be overwhelming with learning where to start. Let us help you ramp up your brand by helping you market the right way on social media - reach out today!


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